Fully customizable, low cost, all terrain utility vehicle

Proud winner of the 2022 SAB Foundation Social Innovation Awards

This South African designed and manufactured vehicle is made to meet the needs of not only emerging farmers, rural communities and owners of small holdings, but also golf courses, the forestry sector, and many more.

Kotonki is specifically designed to be a low – maintenance, low-cost, high-power vehicle. Able to transport 1 metric ton through any terrain.

With customization options including sand cleaning, tilting bin, drop side bin, water tanker, irrigation system, land clearing implements, land cultivation implements, hydraulic features not limited to a woodcutter, a wood splitter, a post hole digger, only your imagination will limit what KOTONKI can do for you.


Unveiling the Kotonki Vision

Our inspiration for creating the Kotonki, an all-terrain utility vehicle, stems from the observation of simple yet valuable modes of transportation in various European countries.

In recognizing that many rural farmers depend on donkeys to handle their substantial tasks, our dedicated team embarked on a journey of extensive research and development. Our goal was to engineer a front-propelled utility vehicle that pays homage to the time-honored methods of donkeys pulling carts and transporting water.

Behind the Name "Kotonki"

Have you ever wondered about the story behind our unique name, Kotonki? It all starts with a fascinating connection to the traditional donkey carts commonly found on rural farms. In Setswana, the local language of the region, a donkey cart is referred to as “Koloi ya tonki.” This eloquent phrase sparked the inspiration for our catchy name, Kotonki.

Key Offerings

  • Low cost & maintenance, Utility Vehicle
  • Able to tackle any terrain with 4-wheel drive
  • Maximum traction with all 4 wheels always on the ground due to the articulated body
  • Payload up to 1 metric ton
  • 15 HP diesel engine to reach a maximum speed of 8km/h (alternative engine available)
  • Mobile workbench with Power Take Off (PTO) to connect hydraulic equipment
  • Working Tool
  • Fully customizable

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