Versatility Redefined: Your One-Stop Solution

For emerging farmers and small agricultural business owners, the quest for a versatile, adaptable, and tailored vehicle often feels like a challenge. Traditional options like tractors and trucks can be impractical or costly. This is where Kotonki comes to your rescue.

Inspired by the Legendary German Unimog

Drawing inspiration from the legendary German Unimog, Kotonki is designed with your essential rural needs in mind. However, we take simplicity to the next level.

Kotonki: Back to Basics, Beyond Expectations

Our philosophy is simple: basic, robust, and devoid of unnecessary frills. Kotonki is your canvas, ready to be customized to your exact needs and budget.

Discover how one vehicle can unlock a multitude of possibilities for your farm or business. Explore the world of Kotonki and redefine the way you work and thrive.

Unveiling Kotonki's Versatility:

Versatility is at the heart of our design philosophy.

Compatibility Beyond Compare:

Kotonki seamlessly accommodates a wide range of light-duty equipment commonly found on the market, such as ploughs, grass slashers, and fertilizer sprayers.

Purpose-Built Accessories:

Kotonki is continually evolving and developing its own purpose-built accessories. From pole diggers to fencing systems and irrigation solutions, we’ve got your needs covered..

Rear Configurations without Limits:

Tailor your Kotonki to suit your specific requirements with endless rear configuration options:

Diverse Applications, One Vehicle

Kotonki is your versatile partner for a wide range of tasks and industries:

Discover More Remarkable Features

Enhanced Safety Features

  • Safety Belt, Roll Cage, and Front Gate: Your safety is our top priority. With safety belts, a robust roll cage, and a front gate, we ensure your protection in challenging terrains.

Superior Traction and Control

  • Individually Powered Wheels: Each wheel functions independently, acting as a differential lock. Enhancing your control and stability, especially in rugged environments

Redundant Brake System

  • Double Hydraulic Circuit and Brake: We’ve implemented a dual hydraulic circuit and brake system for redundancy and heightened safety.

Unparalleled Ground Contact:

  • Double Pivot Mechanism: Our double pivot design ensures that all wheels maintain continuous contact with the ground, providing optimal traction and stability on uneven terrain.

Convenient Transport:

  • Modular Assembly for Easy Transport: For added convenience, our modular assembly design enables hassle-free knock-down transport, making it a breeze to move your Kotonki when needed.